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My WFC Schedule

Here is my one panel at this year’s World Fantasy Con in Toronto:

Saturday, November 3, 12 noon: THE REAL WORLD IN FANTASTIC FICTION
(Ian Drury (Moderator), Donald Crankshaw, Geoff Hart, Kristin Janz, Christopher Kovacs, Kenneth Schneyer)

Just because a story is set in a secondary world doesn’t mean its medical/legal/political/military systems cannot be grounded in some kind of reality. Inaccuracies can abound when authors try to incorporate procedures and systems that exist in the real world into their created worlds without paying proper attention to details. The panel examines why and how reality is all important, even in a fantastic world.

This will be a fun panel for me, but regrettably it coincides with the GOH presentation by my beloved teacher lizhand. Ah, well… Anyway, if you’re at WFC and can tear yourself away from Liz, come watch!

I also hope to participate in Friday’s Late Night Flash Fiction Reading at 10:30 pm, if I can dig out a piece that’s short enough.

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