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M31, the great spiral galaxy in Andromeda.

Selección de notas del programa de la retrospectiva de Theresa Rosenberg Latimer

The Spanish translation of my story “Selected Program Notes from the Retrospective Exhibition of Theresa Rosenberg Latimer” is now available on Cuentos para Algernon. It was released yesterday (March 9); translation is by the incomparable Marcheto. This marks the fourth language for this story, which has already been translated into Czech (by Martin Šust) and…

We Are Satellites

I’m about halfway through Sarah Pinsker’s We Are Satellites, and I am loving, loving, loving the use of language.

Heather Cox Richardson’s take on recent bad news about DT’s tactics.

History professor Heather Cox Richardson is one of the nation’s leading experts on American political history and the Republican Party in particular. While she is aware of, and appalled and frightened by, evidence of the President’s apparent plans to steal the election, she is adamant that opportunities still exist to save the situation. Read every…

Charles Payseur reviews “Laws of Impermanence”

On his fiction review page Quick Sip Reviews, Charles Payseur posts a flattering and thought-provoking review of my story “Laws of Impermanence” in Uncanny Magazine. There are things about this review that I like even better than the story. 😉

On the “canon.”

There’ve been some discussions involving an SFF “canon” recently that have sent my busybrain on a whole bunch of related tangents. Bear with me. Whenever I plan a literature class, I’m heartbroken that there won’t be a time to assign all the works I’d like the students to be exposed to. It’s excruciating making the…

Anthems Outside Time is back up on Amazon, B&N, etc.!

Thank the Lord and little fishes! The publishing glitch has been resolved, and Anthems Outside Time and Other Strange Voices is now fully available (in both print and ebook form) on Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, BAM!, and elsewhere! If you’ve been waiting to order it, now’s the chance! (Pass it on.) (…In other news,…

Scavenger Hunt!

Announcing a SCAVENGER HUNT for Anthems Outside Time and Other Strange Voices! The questions below can mostly be answered by reading the stories in the collection plus the author’s notes – although some might require a few minutes’ search-engine research too, unless you’ve a head stuffed full of trivia. The first person to get all…


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