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Clarion Applications Open!

The 2010 Clarion Writers Workshop is now open for applications, which will be accepted until March 1st. I can’t recommend it strongly enough.

The instructors this year are names to be conjured with:

  1. Delia Sherman
  2. George R.R. Martin
  3. Dale Bailey
  4. Samuel R. Delaney
  5. Jeff VanderMeer
  6. Ann VanderMeer

Delia strikes me as an excellent person for the "Becoming A Tribe" process in Week One. Chip Delaney, in addition to being possibly the most famous literary SF writer and theorist alive, has been associated with Clarion forever; back in 1975 he taught both Stan Robinson and Bob Crais, who were my teachers at Clarion 2009. The Week 5-6 "Anchor Team" is often a couple or a pair of best friends (in honor of Damon & Kate), and it seems to me that you couldn’t do better than the VanderMeers in that role.

If you’ve followed my reports on my own Clarion experience, you know that I found it an overwhelming, exhausting, exhilerating, life-changing time. I am confident that I’m a better writer now — I came out of Clarion with four new stories, two of which were probably better first drafts than anything I’ve written before. It’s the internal editor-voice, the one that comes from writing so many critiques (I logged more than 30,000 words of critique alone during Clarion) and listening to so much instructor-wisdom, that really makes the difference, I think. And I know that I’ve made seventeen friends for life who are also writers, and who make my life brighter every day.

And while we’re at it, I’ve heard nothing but good things about Clarion West and Odyssey, too; some really hot writers have come out of them. CW 2010 has a line-up that includes Bishop, McHugh, Datlow and McDonald, while Odyssey’s guest lecturers next year will include my beloved teacher , Greg Frost (a classmate of Stan and Bob’s in ’75), the wise David Hartwell and Alexander Jablokov (an author I worship).

So get to it! Apply!

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