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My Readercon Schedule

Things I am officially doing at Readercon: Friday July 12: 2:00 PM NH Cambridge Science Fiction Workshop Group Reading. Heather Albano, E.C. Ambrose, James L. Cambias, F. Brett Cox, James Patrick Kelly, Ken Schneyer, Sarah Smith. The Cambridge Science Fiction Workshop, founded in 1980, is the oldest professional SFF writers […]


As most of my friends know, in 2009 I attended the Clarion Writers Workshop, which changed my life as advertised.  I have a whole mess of posts about it. Every year Clarion runs a Write-a-Thon to coincide with the workshop.  The idea is that while the students are beating their […]

My Readercon Schedule

Here is my schedule for Readercon 22, July 14-17, Burlington, MA. Friday July 15 11:00 AM (Rhode Island Room) What Writing Workshops Do and Don’t Offer Leah Bobet, Michael J. DeLuca, Eileen Gunn, Barry B. Longyear, Geoff Ryman, Kenneth Schneyer (leader) Clarion, Clarion West, Clarion South, and Odyssey all follow […]

Clarion Class of 2011

My warmest congratulations to the students admitted to the Clarion Writers Workshop Class of 2011: Rebecca Adams Brooke Bolander Jim Brady AnneMarie Buhl Todd Castillo Jacob Cholak Gillian Daniels Peta Freestone Dennis Ginoza Joshua Lewis Mark Philps Christopher Stabback Jasmine Stairs Andrew Stewart Erin Stocks Timothy Susman Brooke Wonders James […]

Clarion 2011 Instructors Announced

The Clarion Writers Workshop has just announced its instructor line-up for 2011: Week One:  Nina Kiriki HoffmanWeek Two:  John ScalziWeek Three:  Week Four:  David Anthony DurhamWeek Five and Six:  John Kessel and    That’s a powerhouse group!  They start accepting manuscript submissions in December.  So get cracking! Meanwhile, the Clarion Class of 2010 has […]

My Readercon 21 Schedule

It’s still not 100% official, but this is what I think I’ve got for Readercon: Fri 12:00 – 1:00 pm: Panel: Alternatives to the Pay-Per-Copy System of Author Compensation. I’m leading the panel. Panelists: Mary Robinette Kowal, Barbara Krasnoff, Gene Mirabelli, Charlie Stross.   Fri 7:30 – 8:00 pm: Solo […]

Still time to apply to Clarion!

There’s still a month in which you can file an application for the Clarion Writer’s Workshop!   The deadline is March 1st. I’ve told you all what it did for me. It’s an experience I wouldn’t trade for the world.  In addition to what I believe to be the palpable growth […]

Clarion Applications Open!

The 2010 Clarion Writers Workshop is now open for applications, which will be accepted until March 1st. I can’t recommend it strongly enough. The instructors this year are names to be conjured with: Delia Sherman George R.R. Martin Dale Bailey Samuel R. Delaney Jeff VanderMeer Ann VanderMeer Delia strikes me […]


I had great fun at Albacon, really my first con in decades. (I’ve attended a few specialty cons over the last few years, and I was at ComicCon, which is like visiting the Emerald City, but no straight SFF cons.) For me, the big deal was seeing five of my […]

Like Mayflies in the Stream

Hooray! Shauna Roberts‘s new novel, Like Mayflies in the Stream, has just become available for pre-order on Amazon. The first of the Clarion 2009 graduates to publish a novel has done herself proud. I’ve read it. I love it. Go out and get it. Shauna’s novel is part of a […]

More good advice from Clarion

In an earlier post, I reported some of the good advice on writing I heard from the first three instructors at Clarion: Holly Black, Larissa Lai and Robert Crais. Now I’ve had time to report some good things I learned from the instructors in the final three weeks. I have […]

Index of Posts Relating to Clarion

For anyone who wants to see all the posts I made about Clarion, here’s an easy index: Announcement that I got into Clarion. Choosing first story to crit at Clarion. Week One Report (Holly Black) Week Two Report (Larissa Lai) Week Three Report (Robert Crias) Week Four Report (Kim Stanley Robinson) Weeks Five & Six […]

Monthly Stats for July

Here are my monthly stats for July. 24,000 new words of fiction written this month. 1 AND:   30,000 words of workshop critique written this month 2   19 first drafts currently in progress (some untouched for a long time)   3 first drafts currently "ripening" before second draft.   […]

Odyssey buys “The First Day of Spring”

I’m happy to announce that Odyssey Magazine has bought  my flash fiction story, "The First Day of Spring." Odyssey: Adventures in Science is a magazine for "young adventurers" aged 10-16.  Each monthly issue has a theme.  My story, which concerns the beginnings of prehistoric agriculture, will appear in the October issue, whose theme […]

June Statistics

A quick post in the middle of crit-work at Clarion. Here are my monthly stats for June: 6,200 new words of fiction written this month. 1 BUT:   5,000 words of workshop critique written this month (in the last three days, actually)   19 first drafts currently in progress (some […]

Off to Clarion

I’m packing right now. At 4:15 EDT tomorrow morining, I take the cab to the airport for Clarion. I’ll try to post periodically (maybe once a week or so) concerning the Clarion experience.  Feel free to comment, but I doubt that I’ll be able to post replies to comments.  Similarly, […]

Choosing First Clarion Story

I hope to post periodic updates on my Clarion experience here, although not every day. What I’d most like to do is share the best writing advice that I hear from the instructors, and the insights that arise from the crit process. I’ll parallel-post on my other LJ, and if […]

Green Mars

I have this terrible habit of reading series in the wrong order. It started with Robertson Davies. I picked up a copy of The Lyre of Orpheus and was halfway through it before I understood that there were earlier books. So I read the trilogy backwards, moving next to What’s […]


I am delighted (and astonished) to announce that I will be attending the next Clarion Writers Workshop in San Diego this summer, from June 28 to August 8. I knew about this a while ago, but we weren’t supposed to tell anyone until our names appeared on the Web site […]