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YBH Honorable Mentions

I’ve broken down the 531 honorable mentions in this year’s Year’s Best Horror by market.  You’ve seen me do this before with Year’s Best SF and the late lamented Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror.  I think it’s probably the most accurate way of guaging the relative "status" and "quality" of different […]

Honorable Mentions in YBSF

As I’ve done in the past, I’ve tallied up all the "honorable mentions" in the 26th annual Year’s Best Science Fiction, and reported the ones attributed to periodicals below.  This is sort of my "state of the markets" survey. Asimovs 55 F&SF 53 Postscripts 38 Jim Baen’s Universe 25 Interzone […]

WOTF Question

One of my stories just made the first "Honorable Mention" list on the Writers of the Future contest. This is the first time I’ve submitted to WOTF.  Am I correct in believing that receiving "Honorable Mention" means that I’m not going to be selected as a finalist or semi-finalist?    I ask because […]

YBF&H Honorable Mentions

In my obsessive record-keeping that keeps me from writing, one of the things I do is track the number of honorable mentions various magazines’ stories get in the big "Year’s Best" anthologies. I just got my hands on the 2008 Datlow-Link-Grant Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror and did my tabulations. […]

YBSF Honorable Mentions

I like to track several different parameters on different markets (especially periodical markets) to guage their relative visibility.  One of the things I follow is the frequency with which stories from that market appear in the “honorable mentions” appendix of Gardner Dozois’s Year’s Best Science Fiction collection. There are a few hundred stories in […]