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YBSF Honorable Mentions

I like to track several different parameters on different markets (especially periodical markets) to guage their relative visibility.  One of the things I follow is the frequency with which stories from that market appear in the “honorable mentions” appendix of Gardner Dozois’s Year’s Best Science Fiction collection. There are a few hundred stories in that Appendix, but stories appear more frequently from some markets than from others.

Since YBSF for 2007 came out this month, I just now completed my tally.  Note that I only counted them once, so I may easily be off by one or two, and that I did not include (what I thought were) anthologies (except for Writers of the Future, which is a lot like a periodical in some ways).

Asimovs 55
F&SF 37
Subterranean 24
Analog 20
Jim Baen’s Universe 18
Interzone 15
Strange Horizons 15
Clarksworld 13
Helix 13
Postscripts 11
Realms of Fantasy 9
Tesseracts 8
Fantasy Magazine 6
Lone Star Stories 6
OSC’s Int Med Show 6
Aeon 5
Black Static 4
Cosmos 4
Electric Velocipede 4
On Spec 4
Weird Tales 4
Abyss & Apex 3
Coyote Wild 3
Darker Matter 3
Flurb 3
Flytrap 3
Ideomancer 3
Shimmer 3
Writers of the Future 3
Lady Churchill’s RW 2
MIT Technology Review 2
Talebones 2
Black Gate 1
Cricket 1
Infinite Matrix 1
Nature Physics 1
Night Lands 1
Paradox 1

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