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Honorable Mentions in YBSF

As I’ve done in the past, I’ve tallied up all the "honorable mentions" in the 26th annual Year’s Best Science Fiction, and reported the ones attributed to periodicals below.  This is sort of my "state of the markets" survey.

Asimovs 55
F&SF 53
Postscripts 38
Jim Baen’s Universe 25
Interzone 22
Analog 21
Realms of Fantasy 12
Fantasy Magazine 12
OSC’s Int Med Show 11
Clockwork Phoenix 11
Helix 10
Electric Velocipede 10
Strange Horizons 9
Subterranean (H) 9
Clarkesworld 8 8
Cosmos (SF) 7
Abyss & Apex 7
Futurismic 7
Aeon 5
Lone Star Stories 5
Flurb 4
Beneath Ceaseless Skies 4
New Yorker 3
Weird Tales 2
Talebones 2
Apex 2
Black Static 2
Noctem Aeternus 2
Lady Churchill’s RW 1
Paradox 1
On Spec 1
MIT Technology Review 1
Albedo One 1
Ideomancer 1
Andromeda Spaceways 1
Chizine 1
Black Gate 1
Farrago’s Wainscot 1

You will note that there are some on the list (e.g., Paradox) that are now discontinued, and others (e.g., Clockwork Phoenix), which are technically anthologies rather than periodicals.  I’m treating CP as a periodical because, well, it appears periodically.

One could go into a lengthy analysis if one so chose, but I’ll just point out a few  things I noticed:

  • Postscripts, OSCIGMS, Electric Velocipede and Futurismic did much better in the HMs-per-year department than they have in previous years.
  • Subterranean, Aeon, WoTF, Nature and Weird Tales all seem to have fewer HMs-per-year than in previous years.
  • A few relative newcomers (Clockwork Phoenix,, Beneath Ceaseless Skies) have a comparatively high number of HMs.
  • As a loyal booster of GUD, I’d be remiss in failing to point out its two HMs.

I like to do this survey because I think that inclusion or HM in one of the Year’s Best anthologies is a better indication of quality (and a good place to submit to) than the SFWA list, which is based primarily on pay rates.  That said, of course an HM in YBSF is a reflection of the editor’s own tastes (Dozois has said he doesn’t like the editorial process at On Spec or Andromeda Spaceways, for example).  So take the list with that bit of salt.

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