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Heather Cox Richardson’s take on recent bad news about DT’s tactics.

History professor Heather Cox Richardson is one of the nation’s leading experts on American political history and the Republican Party in particular. While she is aware of, and appalled and frightened by, evidence of the President’s apparent plans to steal the election, she is adamant that opportunities still exist to save the situation.

Read every word of this, but especially read the end. DT’s tactics are designed to persuade us that we’ve already lost, as too many of my friends are saying. They are designed to make people think that there’s no point in voting, when in fact, sufficiently high Democratic turnout will make most of his tactics much harder to carry out, and in some cases impossible. Stop whining. If he steals the election, then we’ll respond. If he engages in a coup, we’ll respond. If he does any of the gazillion terrible things he may do, we’ll respond. But right now, the most effective thing we can do is to vote and to get others to vote.

“The second tell in Trump’s statement is that Trump’s lawyers confirmed to Gellman that their strategy is to leverage their power in the system to steal the election. Surely, they would want to keep that plan quiet… unless they are hoping to convince voters that the game is so fully rigged there is no point in showing up to vote.

“Trump’s statement is abhorrent, and we must certainly be prepared for chaos surrounding this election. But never forget that Trump’s campaign, which– according to our intelligence agencies– is being helped by Russian disinformation, is keen on convincing Americans that our system doesn’t work, our democracy is over, and there is no point in participating in it. If you believe them, their disinformation is a self-fulfilling prophecy, despite the fact that a strong majority of Americans prefers Biden to Trump.”

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