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Act of the Imagination

I'm trying to imagine: If I belonged to an organization that contained actual Nazis (i.e., people who honestly believe (and say publicly) that it would have been better if the 25% of my extended family that survived the Holocaust hadn't), would I want to resign from the organization unless those […]

My Arisia Schedule

Here’s my schedule for Arisia, January 13-16, 2012 at the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel. Schools for Magicians Fri 5:30 PM (Douglas) – Cecilia Tan (mod), Charlene Brusso, Victoria Janssen, Bob Kuhn, Kenneth Schneyer A Hogwarts degree isn’t the only path from mundanity to magehood. Let’s consider how writers have portrayed […]

False Parallels

I’m on the left, and I’ll admit that it’s easier for me to get annoyed at mistaken or dishonest reasoning from people I disagree with. I’m more likely to yell at the screen when it’s Bill O’Reilly than when it’s Chris Matthews. It’s a character flaw. But sometimes even the […]

That Which Is Not Hypocrisy

About two years ago I was at a law conference, presenting a paper called "Replacing Copyright." The thesis of the paper was that copyright, a regime that served a specific economic purpose to respond to a specific economic problem occasioned by the invention of the printing press, had become obsolete […]

The Problem of Politics

In fiction, the problem with the hot-button topics — politics, religion, sex — is that they have a higher resting volume level. The reader will hear what you say about any one of those things much more loudly and clearly than what you say about beauty, sorrow, the exploration of […]