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So this is the new blog…

Since 2007 or so, my “blogging,” such as it was, took place on LiveJournal, first under the fanfic handle Rhetoretician and then under my own name. When I began using Twitter and Facebook in 2009, I gradually began to post my more serious and “important” articles there, using LiveJournal less and less. Then, of course, LiveJournal was purchased by Russian investors and many people began to have serious concerns about privacy, use of IP, etc. In the last few years, I’ve posted pretty much no blogs at all except for announcements of publications and my conference schedules.

Now that I have a functional web site, I’m going to try to begin posting actual blogs here, although I still expect to be extremely active on Facebook and somewhat less active on Twitter.

Anyway, welcome to the new blog! I have (I think) transferred all of the old LiveJournal posts here, so you should be able to read them. I’ve gt links to my FB and Twitter pages below.

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