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Janice Okoomian’s “Armenian Americans and the Construction of Whiteness”

As some of you know, I’m married to Janice Okoomian, Ph.D., a professor of English and Gender & Women’s Studies at Rhode Island College. The Armenian Mirror-Spectator just published her insightful article, “Armenian Americans and the Construction of Whitness”. Link to the article here:

So this is the new blog…

Since 2007 or so, my “blogging,” such as it was, took place on LiveJournal, first under the fanfic handle Rhetoretician and then under my own name. When I began using Twitter and Facebook in 2009, I gradually began to post my more serious and “important” articles there, using LiveJournal less […]

My complete bibliography

Because my ability to edit my Writertopia page seems to have vanished, I am now "transferring my flag," as it were, to LJ.  From now on, my bibliography will appear here (until and unless I get a web site of my own): Collections: Anthems Outside Time and Other Strange Voices […]

My Nebula Eligible Stories

Here are my five short stories that are eligible for the Nebula Award this year. Three of them are currently available for free online, and the other two have been posted to the appropriate SFWA forums. “The Mannequin’s Itch“, The Pedestal Magazine #67 (December 21, 2011). (Audio version available at […]

Some stories to see; Codex

   Stories by some of my friends that are now available for your reading pleasure: by Heather Albano: "The Dark Season" in More Scary Kisses (edited by Liz Grzyb)   By Liz Argall:  "A Study in Flesh and Mind" in Daily Science Fiction   by Grady Hendrix: Satan Loves You (digital […]