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A very nice review:

I’m new to this game of getting reviews. If I repost the reviews that praise me, and ignore the ones that pan me, does that show that I care too much about the reviews?

This one I couldn’t resist. It’s from Nate Winchester’s review of Clockwork Phoenix 3 on

Lineage by Kenneth Schneyer

How does one define perfection? I usually say, it is something to which the slightest change results in ruin. “Lineage” is a perfect short story; one of the very few that I’ve read and I have a subscription to a magazine of short stories. Is it the best? No (there are some that are better) but it is one that utilizes and realizes the form of the short story. To add or take away anything would ruin it.

This is a story that also serves as an excellent demonstration of how to do things right. The story is mysterious and “unknown” but not confusing. Take note authors: you don’t have to spell everything out but you do need to at least hint that answers are out there. Really well done. A big plus and recommendation to anyone who wants to master the short story medium.

Let’s at least call it hyperbolic, so I don’t come off sounding like a conceited ass. But still — Wow.

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