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Love and the 2010 Hugo Nominees

The 2010 Hugo nominees include at least three stories that puzzle over the nature of love. This is nothing new for science fiction, but it is remarkable to me that they arose at about the same time, and that many people were reading them in tandem, as it were, in […]

A very nice review:

I’m new to this game of getting reviews. If I repost the reviews that praise me, and ignore the ones that pan me, does that show that I care too much about the reviews? This one I couldn’t resist. It’s from Nate Winchester’s review of Clockwork Phoenix 3 on […]

Brain Thief

Alexander Jablokov is one of my science fiction heroes. I read the novella version of "A Deeper Sea" back in 1989, and it inspired me to start reading SF short fiction again. His collection The Breath of Suspension took my own breath away, especially the story "Living Will," which is […]