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The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

I’ve been tagged by the marvelous Heather Albano (author of the e-novels Timepiece and Timekeeper, and famous writer for Choice of Games) for The Next Big Thing Blog Hop. This sort of thing is normally aimed at novelists, but I adapted it to fit one of my upcoming stories: What […]

Nanoism; Semiprozine Authors; Googling

The twitterzine Nanoism is going to publish (and pay me for) a twitterfic that I call "Without Sentimentality" (although officially it has no title). It’ll appear on May 29th. I’d love it if you’d all take the twenty seconds to read it. (Hey, the cents-per-word rate for Nanoism are higher […]


I am delighted (and astonished) to announce that I will be attending the next Clarion Writers Workshop in San Diego this summer, from June 28 to August 8. I knew about this a while ago, but we weren’t supposed to tell anyone until our names appeared on the Web site […]

Happy Birthday, Tina and Michael!

Upcoming in the next few days, the birthdays of my fellow February kidstinaconnolly and mmerriam!   (There are a lot of us; May is a wonderful month, isn’t it? 😉 ) Tina and Michael have both been more than generous with their experience and wisdom when this comparative newbie has asked […]

I Love Tina’s Work

I finally bought my copy of GUD #3, and I’ve just read tinaconnolly‘s wonderful "Facts of Bone." Nowadays all the SFF mags say they want "character-driven" stories, or stories with "compelling characters," but it’s disappointing how many published stories are, in essence, permutations of clever ideas; or else the character […]

Issue 3 of GUD

Here I am, giving free advertising to Greatest Uncommon Denominator’s Issue #3. I really do like GUD, and recommend it to anyone, but my real reason is that I want to have my own, free copy of tinaconnolly ‘s “Facts of Bone,” which will be in that issue.  Woot! This […]