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Scavenger Hunt!

Announcing a SCAVENGER HUNT for Anthems Outside Time and Other Strange Voices!

The questions below can mostly be answered by reading the stories in the collection plus the author’s notes – although some might require a few minutes’ search-engine research too, unless you’ve a head stuffed full of trivia.

The first person to get all the questions right – replying to the post on FB, Twitter, or the blog entry on my web site – will receive a free book (not this one) courtesy of Patrick Swenson at Fairwood Press.  Second place (the person getting the most questions right before the winner posts) will get a character tuckerization from me.

It goes without saying that the answers to these questions will produce spoilers. . .

Members of my immediate family, plus anyone who wrote blurbs or reviews of the collection, are disqualified, as are Liz Argall and Mike Allen.  Decisions of the judge (Yours Truly) are final.  Here goes:

1.         What’s the first thing we hear a talking insect say in one of the stories?

2.         Which story features three characters literally talking to themselves?

3.         Which two martyrs of the English Reformation (who died on the same day) gave parts of their names to two of the characters in one of these stories, and which characters are they?

4.         One of the stories contains a song that repeats throughout; what’s the refrain of that song, and what other song inspired it?

5.         Which story features a character cryptically named after Harry Houdini?

6.         What are the names of the two different technologies (in two different stories) that allow one to see, hear, etc. from someone else’s point of view?

7.         Which Charles G. Finney novel is quoted verbatim in the collection’s first story?

8.         Which two stories both involve suspended animation?

9.         In which story do the heroes/victims turn out to be the villains/perpetrators?

10.       Which magazine only ever buys stories from me that include lawyers as characters?

11.       Which A. E. Housman poem is referenced in the title of one of the stories?

12.       Which story appears to take place in medieval Alsace-Lorraine?

13.       Which story contains a scene at Thermopylae?

14.       Which character becomes suddenly unpopular because a very unlucky person falls in love with them?

15.       Which character has to change jobs because they’ve lived too long?

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