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My Arisia 2016 Schedule

Here's my schedule for Arisia 2016, January 15-18, Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel:

The Future of Mars – Literature, Panel – 1hr 15min – Faneuil (3W) – Friday 8:30 p.m.
We grew up reading about Barsoom and the Mars of Wells and Bradbury. Today, we’re finally exploring the reality of the red planet. Where does our fictional treatment of Mars go from here? Do we concentrate on the real possibilities opening up? Or are there exciting and odd treatments we can imagine?
Nalin Ratnayake, John Scalzi, Jeff Hecht, Morgan Crooks, Ken Schneyer (m)

Star Trek at 50! – Media, Panel – 1hr 15min – Burroughs (3E) – Saturday 11:30 am
Fifty years ago, Gene Roddenberry introduced us to the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Since then, the crew has boldly gone where no human had gone before in five live-action TV series, one cartoon, ten movies in the “original” universe, and two movies in rebooted universe (with a third due out this year). Join us as we celebrate one of the most iconic and important science-fiction franchises of all time.
Liz Salazar, Glenn Hauman, Lawrence M. Schoen, Woodrow Hill, Ken Schneyer, Cassandra Lease (m)

The Bible as Fantasy Literature – Literature, Panel – 1hr 15min – Marina 2 (2E) – Sunday 11:30 am
What can we gain from viewing the Bible as fantasy literature, rife with active gods, prophecies, and larger-than-life heroes, and complete with centuries of fanfic from Dante to Milton and onward? How is the Bible treated in fantasy?
B.A. Chepaitis, Matthew Kressel, Susan Weiner, N.S. Dolkart, MJ Cunniff, Ken Schneyer (m)

Everything I Say is a Lie – Writing, Panel – 1hr 15min – Hale (3W) – Sunday 4:00 pm
There are several works of fiction, both genre and mainstream, that rely on the unreliable narrator. Used to good effect, this can create an artful twist ending or have the reader second-guessing throughout the whole story. However, how does one create such a narrator? Does the viewpoint have to be first person, or can third person suffice? How do you keep readers following the path you’ve laid out without guessing the real story? A discussion on the making and use of an unreliable narrator.
Ken Altabef, Terri Bruce, Kate Nepveu, Ken Schneyer (m)

Remembering Leonard Nimoy – Media, Panel – 1hr 15min – Marina 1 (2E) – Sunday 7:00 pm
Leonard Nimoy, one of the greats, passed away in 2015. Although he remains best known for Star Trek, he had along and varied career, excelling as an an actor and a director, working as a voice actor and a photographer, and hosting documentaries. We’ll look back at his life (even his musical career), and talk about how much Nimoy meant to people both as a man and as a performer.
Keith R. A. DeCandido (m), Santiago Rivas, Sonya Taaffe, Daniel Miller, Ken Schneyer

Science Fiction Reading – Writing, Reading – 1hr 15min – Hale (3W) – Monday 10:00 am
Come listen to our panelists read a selection from their original science fiction works.
Nalin Ratnayake, Lawrence M. Schoen, John Chu, Ken Schneyer

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