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List of Dad’s Bridge Columns

I finished cataloguing all of my Dad's bridge columns, or at least all the ones I have in my possession.  I have 142 of them, although the internal evidence suggests that there must actually be closer to 325 in total.  The first one I know of is dated May 18, 1967 (my mother's 32nd birthday), and the last one August 8, 1973, and he clearly was writing one per week for a long time.  Someday I may go to the Southfield Public Library and check their microfilm records to see if the other ones really exist.

Here's a link to my original post about these columns.

For the ones I have, the breakdown by year is as follows:

1967: 21
1968: 18
1969: 28
1970: 22
1971: 21
1972: 18
1973: 14

I have multiple copies of some columns, mostly labeled in my Mom's handwriting, as if she bought several papers so that she could distribute the columns to friends and family.  A few don't have visible dates, and some have no titles.

I think I'll try my hand at posting these columns on a weekly basis (more-or-less), which would take me something like three years to complete if I did all the ones I have.  If I can, I'll provide both the original column and a transcription.

Here is a chronological list.  For the columns without dates, I've estimated the date based on other clues such as printing format (which changed several times during the six years) and articles on the obverse side of the page.

18-May-1967 Orange Sauce Duck
25-May-1967 On Advice from Mothers
1-Jun-1967 Mathematical Genius, or, Points Are Points
8-Jun-1967 The Illegal Slam
22-Jun-1967 A Noble Sacrifice
29-Jun-1967 That's the Breaks
13-Jul-1967 Late Hours, Loose Play
20-Jul-1967 A Nod to the Mod
27-Jul-1967 Genius and Good Guesses
3-Aug-1967 Loves Sweet Song
10-Aug-1967 It's Magic
17-Aug-1967 Foiling (date uncertain)
27-Aug-1967 Three Against One
7-Sep-1967 Reprieving
14-Sep-1967 Edged Sword
21-Sep-1967 Matter of Trust
28-Sep-1967 Big Mouth
26-Oct-1967 Value Received
22-Nov-1967 Village
7-Dec-1967 Experience
14-Dec-1967 Stringently
11-Jan-1968 Decisions
1-Feb-1968 For the Ladies
8-Feb-1968 Knowledge
15-Feb-1968 Bored
7-Mar-1968 No Thought
28-Mar-1968 Follow Rules?
13-Apr-1968 Tactical Decision
25-Apr-1968 Half a Loaf
6-Jun-1968 The Acrobat
13-Jun-1968 Imagination
27-Jun-1968 Greedy George
5-Sep-1968 Card Talk
10-Oct-1968 Good and Bad
17-Oct-1968 Goldilocks
24-Oct-1968 Open Wide
27-Nov-1968 Brilliance
18-Dec-1968 About Face
26-Dec-1968 Good Fit
16-Jan-1969 First Decision
23-Jan-1969 Oops! Wrong Card
30-Jan-1969 A Little Care
13-Feb-1969 Expert Goof
27-Feb-1969 Play Well
13-Mar-1969 Meet Lady Carol
20-Mar-1969 Give Up!
27-Mar-1969 You Open?
10-Apr-1969 You Answer
24-Apr-1969 Triple Club
1-May-1969 Precision
16-May-1969 Hear, Hear!
22-May-1969 Responsive?
29-May-1969 Funny Boy
3-Jul-1969 Enough Twine
31-Jul-1969 Refreshing Pause
14-Aug-1969 Giveaway
18-Sep-1969 Reputation
25-Sep-1969 Morning After
9-Oct-1969 Ave Imperatrix!
16-Oct-1969 Blind Spot
23-Oct-1969 Cold Duck
30-Oct-1969 Lead On, Macduff
13-Nov-1969 No Answer
20-Nov-1969 No Ultimate Weapons
4-Dec-1969 Weak Sister
11-Dec-1969 The Hog
26-Dec-1969 Re-Verse
8-Jan-1970 It's Magic
15-Jan-1970 Up, Up, and Away
5-Feb-1970 Losers? Where?
19-Feb-1970 Quizzem
12-Mar-1970 You Guess
26-Mar-1970 Cooperate
9-Apr-1970 Shimmering
16-Apr-1970 Preferentially
23-Apr-1970 Old Saw
30-Apr-1970 Peerless Quiz 4
7-May-1970 Backward
14-May-1970 Simple Simon
25-Jun-1970 Camelot
12-Aug-1970 Simple Finesse
20-Aug-1970 Rhett Foxx
27-Aug-1970 An Extra Ace (date uncertain)
28-Aug-1970 Fantastic!
14-Oct-1970 Surrender? Never!
18-Nov-1970 Fumble Recovery
2-Dec-1970 Forced Out
9-Dec-1970 Baa, Baa, Baa. . .
17-Dec-1970 No Sacrifice
6-Jan-1971 Greed's Price
13-Jan-1971 A Shade Different (date uncertain)
22-Jan-1971 Systems (?)
3-Feb-1971 Persistence
17-Mar-1971 With Innocence
7-Apr-1971 Support for Cindy
14-Apr-1971 A Little Larnin
28-Apr-1971 First Decision
19-May-1971 Ho Ho Ho!
9-Jun-1971 (No Title)
16-Jun-1971 On Precision
30-Jun-1971 Slight Error
21-Jul-1971 (No Title)
4-Aug-1971 Full Value
14-Aug-1971 With Bananas
15-Sep-1971 Enter the Fox
22-Sep-1971 With Trepidation
13-Oct-1971 Taking Care
17-Nov-1971 (No Title)
3-Dec-1971 The Pusher
22-Dec-1971 Jump Up
2-Feb-1972 The Exception
9-Feb-1972 All the Way
23-Feb-1972 A Bit of Wool
1-Mar-1972 Slight Difference
15-Mar-1972 One Too Many
22-Mar-1972 The Royal Page
12-Apr-1972 How to Gamble
24-May-1972 Take Your Time
12-Jul-1972 Chances
16-Jul-1972 Rapid Complaints
22-Jul-1972 Avoiding Defeat
2-Aug-1972 A Trill of Bugles
8-Aug-1972 A Little Thought
17-Aug-1972 Keep Cards On Table / A Way Out
23-Aug-1972 Who's a Dope?
13-Sep-1972 Double Trouble
20-Sep-1972 No Guesswork
18-Oct-1972 Confidence
1-Feb-1973 Loquacious (date uncertain)
7-Mar-1973 Stiff Upper Lip
14-Mar-1973 Why Finesse?
21-Mar-1973 Impossible Dream
26-Mar-1973 A Quick Ruff
4-Apr-1973 Fine Evaluation
2-May-1973 A Simple Problem
9-May-1973 The Answer
16-May-1973 What Honors?
6-Jun-1973 Second Effort
20-Jun-1973 Royal Marriage
5-Jul-1973 Simplicity
2-Aug-1973 Proper Order
8-Aug-1973 Smooth Defense

I'll use this list as the central link for the columns, updating it so that each title will link to the location where I've posted the column.

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