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57% elapsed, 53% funded, 19 days to go!

With 19 days left to go, we are 53% funded, which is pretty nearly on track. I’m thrilled and amazed that there’s been so much support. This is so neat.

Still, we have $1,188 to go, and the project gets nothing at all unless the goal is reached.  (Some people have asked me where I got the rather precise figure of $2,526. The actual target is $2,400, but Kickstarter takes a 5% cut.) Anything y’all can do by way of spreading the word, nudging your friends, etc., would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve been working on the first draft of a new story, tentatively titled "Exceptionalism;" once that’s done, I have several second and third drafts that need revision. None of these are part of the six stories I’m planning to start with the Kickstarter grant, but I do try to write every day, if I can.
I’m giving a reading tomorrow night at Books on the Square in Providence, along with several other writers who appear in The Newport Review. I’m also gearing up for Readercon, where I expect to be giving at least one (and possibly three) readings, and hopefully serving on a number of panels as well.

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