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My complete bibliography

Because my ability to edit my Writertopia page seems to have vanished, I am now "transferring my flag," as it were, to LJ.  From now on, my bibliography will appear here (until and unless I get a web site of my own): Collections: Anthems Outside Time and Other Strange Voices […]

My Nebula-Eligible Stories

Since I don’t think anything more of mine will be released before the end of the year, here are my stories from 2010 that would be eligible for the Nebula Award: "Tenure Track", Cosmos Online (November 23, 2010).   "Six Drabbles of Separation", part of Trifecta XIII, "Stories from the […]

Ideas are not stories

I have a lot more ideas for stories than I have stories. The ideas come all the time, and they’re all "interesting" in the sense that they present a new twist on an old idea, or exploration of a new one. I keep a running list of them. From an […]

Possibly not a good sign…

, in her lecture on the Odyssey Podcast, says that people (especially Americans) love to read details about how things work. So, if you know somethin’ about somethin’, and can work it into a story, you’ll make it more interesting to many readers. The things I know somethin’ about (apart […]

Of all the silly things…

Here’s an odd one for you: For a fantasy story I’ve recently been circulating to magazines, I made up some terminology for people who have certain abilities.  They were simple, generic terms, but I’d never heard anyone use them in this particular way before, and neither, apparently, had my friends and beta-readers. Last […]