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My schedule for Readercon 27, which will take place July 7-10, 2016, at the Quincy Marriott, Quincy, MA (new location): Friday July 08 2:00 PM C Cozy Dystopia. Gili Bar-Hillel, Bart Leib, Shariann Lewitt, Kenneth Schneyer (leader), Sabrina Vourvoulias. When we think of the world of Harry Potter, what comes […]

Portrayal of Sex and Other Good Things

In her blog Nicola Griffith explains, skillfully and convincingly, why she often (usually) portrays sex as an ecstatic, mind-blowing experience, rather than as embarrassing, awkward or disappointing, which is frequently the case in literature. I’ll leave you to read her argument for yourselves, but I think it can be summarized […]