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Green Mars

I have this terrible habit of reading series in the wrong order. It started with Robertson Davies. I picked up a copy of The Lyre of Orpheus and was halfway through it before I understood that there were earlier books. So I read the trilogy backwards, moving next to What’s […]

Possibly not a good sign…

, in her lecture on the Odyssey Podcast, says that people (especially Americans) love to read details about how things work. So, if you know somethin’ about somethin’, and can work it into a story, you’ll make it more interesting to many readers. The things I know somethin’ about (apart […]

Highly Visible SF Markets

I’ve been looking at markets for short science fiction, trying to see which are “prominent” or “highly visible.”  I used four different filters, which came up with different results. Markets with stories that received Hugo nominations for 2007: Market Nominations Asimovs 10 Jim Baen’s Universe 1 F&SF 1 Strange Horizons […]