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More good advice from Clarion

In an earlier post, I reported some of the good advice on writing I heard from the first three instructors at Clarion: Holly Black, Larissa Lai and Robert Crais. Now I’ve had time to report some good things I learned from the instructors in the final three weeks. I have […]

Green Mars

I have this terrible habit of reading series in the wrong order. It started with Robertson Davies. I picked up a copy of The Lyre of Orpheus and was halfway through it before I understood that there were earlier books. So I read the trilogy backwards, moving next to What’s […]


I am delighted (and astonished) to announce that I will be attending the next Clarion Writers Workshop in San Diego this summer, from June 28 to August 8. I knew about this a while ago, but we weren’t supposed to tell anyone until our names appeared on the Web site […]