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Awards, Quality and Reality

Every year when the award nominations come out, there are dark mutterings about biased, complicated goings-on behind the scenes that result in nominations of Stories-And-People-I-Don’t-Like and prevent the nominations of Stories-And-People-I-Like. Usually these accusations are wildly silly, but sometimes they touch on the natural and understandable bias that is structurally […]

Love and the 2010 Hugo Nominees

The 2010 Hugo nominees include at least three stories that puzzle over the nature of love. This is nothing new for science fiction, but it is remarkable to me that they arose at about the same time, and that many people were reading them in tandem, as it were, in […]

Hugo Shorts

My thoughts on the Hugo-nominated short stories. The only category of Hugo award in which I’ve read all the nominees are the short stories. In novels, novellas and novelettes I’m voting for works I’ve read and loved, but it’s possible that there are others I haven’t read that I’d like […]

Highly Visible SF Markets

I’ve been looking at markets for short science fiction, trying to see which are “prominent” or “highly visible.”  I used four different filters, which came up with different results. Markets with stories that received Hugo nominations for 2007: Market Nominations Asimovs 10 Jim Baen’s Universe 1 F&SF 1 Strange Horizons […]