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The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

I’ve been tagged by the marvelous Heather Albano (author of the e-novels Timepiece and Timekeeper, and famous writer for Choice of Games) for The Next Big Thing Blog Hop. This sort of thing is normally aimed at novelists, but I adapted it to fit one of my upcoming stories: What […]

Time Travel and Narcissism

I am inordinately fond of time travel stories. I’ve published a few of my own, (see, e.g., (“Liza’s Home”, “Conflagration” and “The Never Fair”), and long argued that their juxtaposition and confusion of memory and expectation allow for a kind of emotional resonance you can’t achieve anywhere else. Tell me […]

Some stories to see; Codex

   Stories by some of my friends that are now available for your reading pleasure: by Heather Albano: "The Dark Season" in More Scary Kisses (edited by Liz Grzyb)   By Liz Argall:  "A Study in Flesh and Mind" in Daily Science Fiction   by Grady Hendrix: Satan Loves You (digital […]