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Clarion Class of 2011

My warmest congratulations to the students admitted to the Clarion Writers Workshop Class of 2011: Rebecca Adams Brooke Bolander Jim Brady AnneMarie Buhl Todd Castillo Jacob Cholak Gillian Daniels Peta Freestone Dennis Ginoza Joshua Lewis Mark Philps Christopher Stabback Jasmine Stairs Andrew Stewart Erin Stocks Timothy Susman Brooke Wonders James […]

Poetry Reading Aloud Recs?

Not sure this is a great idea, but I’ve resolved to begin each class session this term with a poem read aloud.  Since I teach business law, this is rather a strange thing (you should have seen the looks I got on the first day), but my instincts say it’s good for […]

More good advice from Clarion

In an earlier post, I reported some of the good advice on writing I heard from the first three instructors at Clarion: Holly Black, Larissa Lai and Robert Crais. Now I’ve had time to report some good things I learned from the instructors in the final three weeks. I have […]

August in Montreal?

So, to keep my mind off Clarion (and because it’s one of the things I promised The Ritual Artist I’d do) I’m trying to lay out our vacation in Montreal, second week in August. Does anyone have any advice about Montreal?  We’re driving up with two kids (girl 15, boy 9); […]